You are the beginning

...the beginning of all things good

...the alpha

...the morning star

You are all great expectations

...all good anticipations

...all learning

...all “ah-ha” moments

...all love at first sight

You are the seed of life

...the first breath

...the first dawn

...the first idea

...the first tick of time

...the first answer to every questions

...the first drop of dew

...the first rumble of thunder

...the first clash of lightning

You are the BIG BANG

...explosions of vibrant color

...eruptions of energy

...surge of sound

...rush of wind

...every new sensation.

You are original

You are the Origin

...the origin of light

...the origin of life

...the origin of love

...the origin of the species

...the origin of ALL species

...You animate the inanimate

...You produce perfection

...You deliver destiny

...You evoke eternity

...You generate joy

...You initiate energy

...You start standards

...You trigger time

...You gave birth to gravity

You were Adam’s first breath

You were Eve’s first love

You were the object of Able’s first sacrifice

You were the first punisher of evil

...the first rewarder of good

You made the first promises

and you were the first (and only) One who never broke your promise

You led Abram to his first steps of faith.

You were the first to name names

and Your name is the first.

You were the first law maker...

and the first to complete the law.

You are the first to live a perfect life

...the first perfect sacrifice

...the first defeater of death

...the first bridge back

...the first to ascend in the flesh

You are the first to answer when I call

...the first to open when I knock

...the first to answer when I ask

...the first to pick me up when I fall

...the first to let me go when I turn away

...the first to run to me, arms open wide, when I, humbled and broken, return.

...the first to put me back together again,

...the first to wipe away my tears,

to welcome me home,

to clothe me in fine garments,

to throw a feast in my honor,

to crown my unworthy head.

You are the first to smile when I place my crown at your feet.

You are my first love, first embrace first breath first cry first laugh first care giver first source of hope first promise first satisfaction first direction

You make beginnings out of endings from death

...hope from despair from tribulation

...substance from loss

...celebration from heaviness

...triumph from adversity

You are the first word,

...the first ear to hear,

...the first to know what is really being said

...the first to understand.

You are the introduction to all that has meaning,

...all that is worth seeking

...all that gratifys

You are the first foundation.

You are the source of sentience.

You stir life up into stagnant waters.

You are number One out of infinity.

You are The Starter

and what You start, You finish.




"10,000 Reasons" is inspired by the song of the same name written by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman.  The lyrics "...for all Your goodness I will keep on singing ten thousand reasons for my heart to find."   I like to mean it when I sing it, so I was convicted to list off AT LEAST 10,000 reasons to sing in praise to my Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless you as you join me in this praise.  — Ken Shackelford