The picture above shows our AWESOME prayer team (as of January 2017). Each individual or couple has committed to praying on one particular day each month, for one hour, for 12 months (thus the "" icon).  They are obviously welcome and encouraged to pray for us any and every day but they have made a commitment to dive into deeper prayer on a particular day of the month.  This helps to insure that someone is praying for us, in depth, every day of every month.  Sometimes we have more than one person committed to praying that day and we would love to have a team of people praying every day.  We know that these prayers bear amazing fruit in our lives and our work.


Those who are on our prayer team have plenty of "insider info" to know what to pray for.  They are a part of our Facebook prayer group in which we share daily prayer requests.  They also get a monthly prayer e-mail for the "bigger picture" items that we need prayer for.  We even share some "prayer tips" to help you in your globally focused prayer.  

And, by the way, it is not just a one-way deal.  If you join our prayer team, we commit to praying for you too!

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(we will send you a "friend request") - if you do not have Facebook, you can still join our team but you will miss out on our daily updates.
Put a day of the month that you will commit to spending an hour in prayer for us. (don't worry, if you forget we won't kick you out or report you to the gospel cops :-)
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Click this pic to find out more about One.One.12