Update #22 - Am I Going to Die?

After a hard night and a horrendous morning (the worst he’s ever been and the worst experience of my life), Robbie was heavily medicated and he slept for a few hours. We have had several people feel called to come today and pray over Robbie, all from different cities and different churches. One woman, a friend of Tanja’s sister, was here when he awoke and she had been praying healing over him for about an hour.

After he woke up, he was crying and he pointed towards the spell board (a magnetic board with letters that we’ve been using). He wrote “Carry me” and pointed to me. One of the things he has wanted me to do is pull a chair next to his bed and pull him onto my lap. It usually doesn’t last very long because he begins to have muscle spasms in that position. 

We had a morning of seeing Robbie’s wet-with-sweat body screaming uncontrollably, Robbie clawing, scratching and trying to bite anything near him, and he would scream even more when we tried to touch him (they think he had a severe withdrawal from valium). After that kind of morning, I was wanting to hold him more than ever before and happy to be asked.

Once I was holding him, Robbie put his arms around me and began weeping and pointing to the spell board. It is very hard, motor-skill-wise, for him to pick letters up and put them on - every letter is a chore. It frustrates him when we try to guess what he is spelling because we often guess wrong so we have developed patience in letting him spell until he is finished. He spelled:


Then he began weeping as the four of us with one voice said, “Oh, no, no! Jesus is healing you, you are getting better, God has a future for you, you are going to be a great man of God” and we all just wept together with him as we gave him every assurance our hearts could muster. We told him about all of you, ALL OF YOU, praying and praying and praying and all the people who God has given words of assurance and visions of Robbie’s future to. Tanja asked him if he had seen Jesus and he immediately said yes and started crying. I told him that seeing Jesus did not mean he was going to die, it just meant that God was answering our prayers and that we had asked the Lord to visit him as he slept. One of the prayer warriors in the room told him about her vision she had had of Robbie and I standing on a Tibetan mountain top praising the Lord together. Robbie, whose arms have not straightened well in 3 weeks, immediately lifted his hands to heaven, arms straight, looking up in worship. He then spelled “Me too” - he had seen the same thing. And we began singing “Be strong and courageous and do not be afraid, the Lord goes before you each and every day, He’ll never forsake you, don’t be afraid” and Robbie again lifted his holy hands in praise. He then asked for the spell board and Robbie spelled “God’s blue finger touched me”.

We all gave God praise for the healing touch He is giving Robbie and Robbie immediately calmed down. We sang “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” and he did the motions to the song as best as he could. He looked at our visitor who had been praying and spelled “Thank you”. 

That thanksgiving goes to ALL OF YOU who have so faithfully lifted up our son. 

Our son is sleeping now.

God is good.