We are moving our support to the All Nations Family, a mission group based out of Kansas City. Read below to find out why.

I was blessed to be part of the beginnings of Global Outfitters (GO) in Fayetteville, Arkansas. GO was to be the global arm of New Heights Church but much more than that.  Our goal was to help all the churches in the area connect well with God’s heart for the nations and to be a resource for these churches to be great sending churches. GO was set up to deal with the support raised by its local staff. I was part of that staff and so our support just continued with GO even after we left for Albania.

New Height's policy is to have all of its on-the-field missionaries go through other agencies for their support as well as training and care and oversight. New Heights, through GO, wants to partner well with these organizations to help with care and prayer support. We will always be a part of the New Heights global family and are thankful for the great support that the growing GO staff gives us. Having our support be managed by GO, even after moving to Albania, made our family an exception to this policy and we felt it would be better to align ourselves with what GO is trying to do with everyone.  That is one reason for having our support be managed by All Nations but it is in no way one of the main reasons.

New Heights and GO have always been open to partnering with many different missions agencies and that will continue. No single agency can meet every missions need or strategy.  Part of my work early-on with GO was to look into various agencies to see if there might be one that could be our “default” go-to agency when we send someone who does not already have a specific connection with a certain group. As I researched various organizations, I continued to like what I witnessed with All Nations out of Kansas City.

Their base in K.C. was near to us geographically. That was a plus. When I visited with them and spoke to their leadership, they had a clear vision of missions and a great desire to partner with missions-minded churches (not all agencies want that). Their leadership also visited us and loved what they saw at GO.  They were also willing to be flexible which is greatly needed with an unique out-of-the-box church such as New Heights and an even more unusual organization like Global Outfitters.

I was especially intrigued by their training program called CPx.  Tanja and I had talked about taking our family through a training together before heading to Albania.  Even though we had been on the mission field in Asia and had been through many training programs, we felt that it would be a great idea to go to one as a family. We wanted our children to be more than “M.K.” tagalongs (missionary kids), we wanted them to be equipped and empowered as missionaries themselves.

CPx was more than we could have hoped for - not just for our children, but for Tanja and I as well.  It has had a tremendously positive impact on our work here in Albania. Though, until now, we have not officially been a part of All Nations, we wanted to stay connected and so we engaged in their “coaching” program as well.  Last November, I had the opportunity to go to Jordan and meet much of their global leaders from their bases in S. Africa, Taiwan, and Europe. As we have prayed about our future work in missions, God has clearly led us to grow in our relationship with All Nations and so we are very excited to “officially” be part of their global team and, in the coming year, to become part of their leadership.

We hope you will “stick with us” in this transition and in the Global Work we can continue to do together.  

- Ken