You created.

You are creative.

When you did it, it was good!
You created us.
We were “very good”.
You set eternity in our hearts.
You love what you create.
You created us to love
You are Love

You made us to pro-create!
You made us to be creative.
You created laughter.
You give us reason for joy
...and tickling babies
...and reunions with old friends
...and sweet serendipity. 
You created rest.
You gave us dreams.

You created sound.
You gave us music.
You inspire...
...Hallelujah Chorus, 
...Ode to Joy, 
...Amazing Grace, 
...Jesus Loves Me (I could go on)

You created sight.
You gave us Light.
...sunrise over corn rows in Nebraska
...Rocky Mountains at twilight.
...oceans at a Mediterranean sunset
...starlight deep on the Tibetan plateau.

You created massive galaxies that look like a single star from here.

You created smell.
You gave us roses.
...and fresh cut grass.
...and pine forests.
...and bacon
...coffee beans (yes, I could go on)

You created touch.
You gave us warm hugs
...and the soft kiss of your Love,
...the cheek of a plump baby,
...a cool breeze
...the soft fur of a kitten,
...the sloppy lick of a puppy dog,
...a hot bath,
...a high five.

You created taste
...and fresh ripe strawberries,
...and chocolate
...and mint
...and peanuts
...and cows (I’ll stop there)

You created more than our senses.

You created peace,
...deep breaths
...and sighs
...and whistling
...and snoring.

You put the moon in the sky,
...and gave us tides
...and pounding waves,
...and soft ripples.

You created mighty rivers
and tiny creeks
and waterfalls big and small.

You created the gravity.
You made it mysterious.
You created mystery.
You created and fascination.
You created laws of nature
You created numbers
and even the number zero
You understand infinity.
You created quantum physics that turns science on its head.
...that make the most atheistic physicists sound like men of faith.

You created time.
You gave us seasons,
You gave us lunar cycles
...and solar cycles.
You gave us day and night
You gave us rhythm
You gave us the consistent swing of a pendulum.
You gave us the dependable oscillations of a quartz crystal.
You give us the unfluctuating resonant frequency of an atom, specific to the trillionth of a second! 
You know the beginning from the end!
You ARE the beginning, and the end.
You tell us not to worry about tomorrow!
You created tomorrow.

You created hope.
...and a future.

You fearfully and wonderfully made us
...everyone of us,
You made us all so very unique
You gave us all so much in common.
You created us with purpose
You gifted us with reason
You bathed us with beauty
You showered us with giftings
You covered us with love.



"10,000 Reasons" is inspired by the song of the same name written by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman.  The lyrics "...for all Your goodness I will keep on singing ten thousand reasons for my heart to find."   I like to mean it when I sing it, so I was convicted to list off AT LEAST 10,000 reasons to sing in praise to my Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless you as you join me in this praise.  — Ken Shackelford