New Heights Church - First Service at the Boys & Girls Club

I stumbled across these pics today - wow.  This is the first service that New Heights Church had at the Boys & Girls Club - February 12, 2006.

Finally, at long last, "My Country Song"

About 20 years ago, I dug down to my roots (that would be Arkansas, not Italy) and managed to "write me a country song". Then, several years ago, my brother-in-law JP Wornock (yeah, the one who was "a doctor in Drasco, Arkansas") got a rare video of me singing it sometime after a satisfying Christmas Eve dinner. I put on the thickest country accent I could manage and gave it a go.  Enjoy!  [note: if you have trouble viewing, you can go to my youtube page:

When I'm 64

I don't know what most people do at the Bachelor Party, but my buddies and I put together an a cappella rendition of the Beatle's "When I'm 64" and performed it the next day at our reception. Fun, fun!