We gather stories & develop resources to train disciples everywhere & connect them to their co-mission with Jesus.

  • by gather we mean that, instead of producing our own lessons from scratch, we gather the lessons God is teaching His people by the work of His Spirit around the world.
  • by story we mean that God's one big global story is a story still being written and a story that WE are all a vital part of. 
  • by develop we mean that, like old-fashion film in a dark room, we "develop" the picture of what God is doing around the world and around our neighborhood.
  • by resource we mean that we provide media resources that will lead people in to practical loving obedience to Jesus within powerful and life-changing discipleship communities.
  • by train we mean that we believe in Jesus' model of making disciples who make disciples-makers and show how this model is transforming communities, cities, and entire cultures.
  • by disciple we mean that Jesus followers obey Him, share the good news and make disciples.  Our training makes this simple, practical and compelling.
  • by everywhere we mean that with online, media believers all around the world can now learn from what God is doing through believers all around the world!
  • by connect we mean that we use online media to lead them offline and into real face-to-face relationships - encouraging, transparent communities of faith.
  • by co-mission we mean that we are not in this alone!  This is God's mission and we simply and joyfully join Him.  When we join Him, He is with us and He is for us!  (so nothing can be against us)
  • by Jesus we mean that this is all from Jesus and all for Jesus.  Jesus will hold it together and sustain it.  We trust in Him and we give Him all the glory!