Hello friends and family of Ken and Tanja.

Click above for more information on the One-One-12 ministry.

Click above for more information on the One-One-12 ministry.

Here is a very special opportunity to care for the Shackelford family as they serve at the Go Center as well as missionaries in state and in Albania. It is called OneOne12

What is OneOne12? 1 Hour, 1 Day, 12 Months

One-One-Twelve is a prayer initiative designed to provide daily support and encouragement for missionaries both on and off the field for one year. This is done by gathering a team of people who commit to praying for one hour on one day a month for twelve months. These missionaries are covered in prayer every day for an entire year!

This is an opportunity to partner with them and their ministry by signing up for a date to pray.  You can sign up online (see below) or, if you are in Northwest Arkansas, come to their send-off prayer and worship time on August 12 [click here for more info].


  • To cover Ken and Tanja Shackelford and their family  in prayer every day while serving at the GO Center and as missionaries in Albania.
  • To involve a loving and supportive team to invest in their  life and ministry
  •  To gather a team of people who will pray for one hour a month on the date they have selected
  • To create a culture of prayer and build relationships on a deep level

Please consider partnering with them via prayer

To sign up, click here to access the sign up page: