You, God, are the Master Story Teller

You hold the story in Your hand

You know the beginning and the end of the story

It is the best of Stories

It has tragedy and triumph

It has plot twists and turns

Your beloved is romanced by You in a perfect garden

But she is unfaithful and is lured by that Snake.

You save your beloved from a flood

and again from a famine

But she is enslaved by the Snake in the form of a Pharoah

You hear her cry.

Though she was unfaithful, you love her

You burn with passion

You teach her why You are worthy of her love

You show her Your power

You deliver her

...and she is saved, back in Your arms again

...but she has a wandering heart.

...and the snake pulls at her,

...again she leaves, and again You save

...again she leaves, and again You forgive

There are times in this story where You show Your love by letting her go.

...and she goes to the snake, cries to You, and You come in power again.

This story has purpose

...for You have a plan.

The great Lover is coming

...and he will deliver the Bride once and for all

Like all great stories, Your Story has a point when it seems all hope is lost

...the Lover is killed

...the snake wins


Then...wait for it...1 day...keep waiting...2 days...what?  What’s that I hear?  A stone rolling away?

BOOM, Day 3 and Hope is restored

The Lover and His Bride are united

...and if this were the end, it would be the greatest story ever, but Your Story is so much better!

...for this is only the next chapter

...a new beginning!

...for the Lover is a Prince!

...the truest Knight in the brightest armor

...who knew!?

...He had come in disguise

...just a poor carpenter’s son

But now, He is in the Throne Room

...His bride is now the Princess

...she is a part of The Family

This next chapter puts the Bride front and center.

The snake still rules the world.

But the Kingdom of Love is at hand, and the Bride has been given a Mission. is the greatest task of all, to let all the nations of the world know that they are SAVED!

The snake is defeated, and he is angry (he always was)

This Mission is dramatic - it is glorious and brutal

Like Chapter 1, it is full of tragedy and triumph

The King has welcomed everyone to the Victory feast but not everyone will come.

Believe it or not, some side with the snake.

Some abuse His Bride,

His Bride is not alone, though

The King has sent the Sword for His Warrior Bride

This Sword is like none other.  Instead of dispensing death, He brings life.  

For the Sword is alive!

He is the Helper that is always at Her side

And with Him, the Bride WILL conquer the world

She will bring the King’s Peace to every people, every tribe, every nation.

This Story has the most incredible, most impossible, most death-defying Mission ever imagined.

...and we get to be in The Story,

...the Author even hands us the Pen and teaches us to write His Truth!

...Why?  WE ARE THE BRIDE!  

...the Heroine Princess with the Living Sword at our side.

...this Mission is ours and we look to the Story Teller for each page we write.

...we write His triumph when a Soul is saved from the snake

...we portray His pain when a Soul is lost. 

We have not reached the end of The Story yet,

But we know it is a happy ending

It is the only story whose ending is the real beginning

It is the only Story written by the King, even as He lives in it.

It is the only truly Non-Fiction Story

...every Word is absolute Truth.

My God! You ARE the Story

You are worthy of every page written.

You make us Your beloved characters.

You started the story with life and light

You begin with perfection

You cover every page with redemption

You end with perfection

The Hero is Yourself, 

...the Messiah, 

...the Christ, 

...the Lover, 

...the King

You write the story and let your characters join in the writing.  How is this possible?

You are the Author and Perfecter

...the Author of The Love Story

...the Author of The Living Script

...the Author of Life

...the Author of my life

...the Perfecter in each chapter

...and every Word

...the Perfecter of all faith

...the Perfecter of hope

...because of You, the Author of The Story, it will NEVER be...THE END




"10,000 Reasons" is inspired by the song of the same name written by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman.  The lyrics "...for all Your goodness I will keep on singing ten thousand reasons for my heart to find."   I like to mean it when I sing it, so I was convicted to list off AT LEAST 10,000 reasons to sing in praise to my Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless you as you join me in this praise.  — Ken Shackelford