Love God Today (it's what you were made for)

"Missions exist because worship does not."  This is one of my favorite quotes (this particular one is by John Piper).  God created us with the capacity to follow Him in LOVE.  We are uniquely made in His image because we have been given the ability to LOVE.  We worship God when we LOVE God.  We worship God when we LOVE each other the way God loves us.  This is what we were created to do and when we open our hearts to love him, it just feels right!  This is what worship is - it is simply loving God, offering all of us to He who is worthy.  God created us to fill the earth with worship.  When we see the evil that permeates every corner of our fallen world, we clearly see places where worship does not exist.  That's why Jesus-followers are ALL on a mission, to help people connect with their true purpose for being - to LOVE God.   

I encourage you to spend some time loving God today by speaking out loud (it's called praise) truths about who He is, what He has done and why He is worthy to be number one in our lives!  If you want something to help get you going, click below to go to my 10k blog, which have 1,200 of what will eventually be 10,000 reasons to praise our Lord.  God loves you, so LOVE God today!!  (it's what you were made for)