Update #2 - Speechless



We had an amazingly good day yesterday and then a very, very hard night and morning (thus far). During the day yesterday, Robbie was able to move around on his own and able to sit by his bed and stand up and walk a bit with our help. He was very cognizant of all going on and is making good use of his dry erase board to communicate as he still has no ability to speak. He enjoyed his sisters and cousins yesterday as well.

WE STILL NEED PRAYER! His ability to swallow (critical to keep from getting pneumonia) has seemed to get worse in the past 24 hours. He still cannot eat. He tried apple sauce but is unable to move food to the back of his mouth to swallow. The worst thing to deal with is his hips, legs, and feet seizing up and causing great pain (ever had a muscle cramp?). We’ve spent about 5 hours with my brother Robbie, Tanja and I rotating rubbing the cramps out of quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, feet, toes hips and then going through it. When we d relieve one cramp, something else would start. It is hard to see and tiring to deal with.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.