Update #5 - Worst Christmas Ever


Well, we made it through Christmas and it was hands down our worst Christmas ever. I wish I could give all of you prayer warriors some good news, but every waking moment for Robbie is a moment of intense pain. They’ve increased morphine and valium to the max as well as other drugs trying to relieve him. Sometimes it is keeping him asleep longer, which is good as that is his only relief. He is certainly getting stronger as he, not necessarily in his right mind, is fighting against us sometimes in a desperate attempt to move or do something to get relief. It is taking four of us to deal with him now. 


He would try to open a Christmas gift but would seize up in pain before he could finish unwrapping. He is being so brave and loving. When his obvious pain overwhelms us a we begin crying in front of him, he will stop fighting the pain in order to reach out and hug us reassuringly. He is hugging a lot.

We are grateful for our family being able to be around. My sister Becca, brother Robbie and Tanja’s parents stayed with him through the night last night so we could get some much needed rest.

We have just talked to a pain specialist and they are going try a few different things to try to relieve him. He is on steroids now in an attempt to support his little body’s fight against this virus in his brain and help the swelling to go down.

We cannot express the gratefulness we have that people all around the world are lifting our son up. Please continue to pray for our girls as well and, of course, pray for Tanja and I. We need strength from the Giver of all things. 

God bless you all,