Update #14 - Seizing Unceasingly

Robbie had an amazing day of rest yesterday but today is really having a hard time. He is communicating through yes and no sign-language and is very aware of his pain. His legs are seizing up unceasingly this morning and he is unable to rest again. This is the part of our caring for him that is so difficult, to see him anxious, hurting, crying out and sometimes yelling with no meds seeming to bring him relief from it.

We feel that God used your prayers yesterday to feel us with hope for Robbie’s recovery and we thank you for that. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIS MUSCLE SEIZURES TO COME TO A PERMANENT END and for the road to recovery, however long or short it is, to begin. Pray that this aforementioned road IS short, more like a driveway leading home.

Grace and peace,

Ken and Tanja