Update #29 - The Blood of Jesus

...and I need it, oh I need it, the closer that I grow,

the more I come to know

how much I need the blood of Jesus.

...when it’s all you have, it’s all you’ll ever need.

In case you have not discovered this by now, writing these updates serves as a bit of therapy for me. It helps me to process the wide ranging emotions and thoughts I have as I serve a beautiful 11-year-old son who continues to spend his days with pain, discomfort and disability. The choice for me is to either sit down and write or go into a bathroom and pound my fists into a concrete wall which won’t do anyone any good (especially not my hands and I need them to help my boy).

Writing these updates is also a somewhat selfish act. I know how busy all of our lives are. Everything, even something like what is happening with Robbie, can get shoved out of our minds by the to-do lists, schedules and agendas of our ordinary days. I am desperate for the prayers of God’s people to continue even though this ordeal has lasted so long. The only way I can think of to keep them going strong and even growing is to keep these updates coming and pray that the Father continues to use them to bring His people to His throne on Robbie’s behalf.

My favorite singer/songwriter for the past several years has been a northern Christian folk singer named Andrew Peterson. The lyrics above come from the chorus of a song on his latest album. These words are something that have continued to rhythmically pulse through my mind non-stop for weeks. The song has ministered to me even though I don’t exactly know why. I just know that I agree with it. I know I need to trust God more. I know I need to be in His Word more and read it over my son. I know I need to pray in the faith and knowledge that Christ has already accomplished healing. I know a lot of things but right now all I have the strength to know is that I and my family need the blood of Jesus.

SO TODAY I JUST ASK THAT YOU PRAY THAT THE BLOOD OF JESUS POUR OVER MY SON. I don’t know all the implications of this prayer and the depths of healing that exist in His blood, but right now I feel it is all I have, and it is more than enough for my son’s needs at this time. On a practical note, PRAY THAT HE CAN SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. He has gone several nights with very little sleep and he has too difficult a regimen of therapy to be lacking on sleep.

Thank you for any prayer you can muster for my boy.