Update #36 - Plans for V-day

A friend on Robbie's Facebook prayer group wrote this, I thought I would copy it here:

Post #1:  Natalee Howe wrote on January 27, 2009 at 9:08am:

Having 11 and 12-year-old boys, I'm aware of how something tangible is more meaningful and realistic than an abstract number or idea at this age. So, I was thinking that if LOTS of us and our children would make and send Valentines to Robbie, then he would have some concrete measure of just how many people are out there praying for him and lifting him up to our Father. Heidi said this would be a great project to encourage him at this stage in his rehab. We need to send the Valentines to her at:

Robbie Shackelford

c/o Heidi Wornock

42 Jamestown Dr.

Searcy, AR 72143

In the discussion board another asked:

Andrea G Branch (Fayetteville, AR) wroteon January 27, 2009 at 9:44am:

what are some topics of interests of Robbie's? favorites, etc. colors, characters, hobbies, books, etc...

And then his Aunt answered:

Heidi C. Wornock (Little Rock, AR) wrote23 hours ago

Robbie's interests:

airplanes (he wants to be a pilot)



Space, Stars, Planets




Star Wars


Reptiles (He wants a pet snake and likes lizards, geckos)

Anything having to do with China/Tibet

He likes "jokes & riddles"

He likes the colors orange, green, blue and black

Also, please remember NO CANDY or ANY References to food or candy.