Update #34 - I Hate this Bed

Our son has now been in a bed in a hospital for 40 days. This may explain why, the last few days, he continues to spell out “I H-A-T-E T-H-I-S B-E-D”. We have had 3 or 4 days of not seeing any improvement with him and I know he knows this as well. He has become extremely frustrated and, at some times, angry. In a desire to be transparent, I need to say that I have struggled with anger myself the last few days which is an emotion my laid-back nature never had to struggle with much.

PRAY FOR GOD TO BLESS ROBBIE WITH AT LEAST SOME SIGN OF IMPROVEMENT EACH DAY. Pray against anger and frustration and for God’s Spirit to bring a special anointing of His peace on Robbie and all of us who minister to him. Pray for garments of praise to replace a spirit of heaviness. Pray for healing.

My brother-in-law, JP Wornock, was trying to describe where we are in this process right now. He said it is like you prepared yourself for a marathon and have been running, running, running and you’ve done the 26+ miles but the finish line looks further away than when you started and there is still a lot of running to do. We are completely depleted of any strength we might have called our own and can hold on to nothing but God, though it is really Him holding on to us.

He slept very little last night, 3 1/2 hours, and several times spelled, “I H-U-R-T A-L-L O-V-E-R.” He will hopefully get his central line (IV) out today and this will enable him to do pool therapy and even get in a hot tub which I think might bring him some relief.

For those of you who have been praying for him from the start, I know it has been a marathon for you as well and we appreciate your continued faithfulness and steadfast prayers.

Grace and peace,